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Rouhi Video
Dance of the Snake
Rouhi Video
Rouhi's interviews with Iran tv
Rouhi Video
Dancing Like A Snake Class

Rouhi Video

Persian dancing

Moorche Dareh

Rouhi Video
1 - Rouhi Belly Dance
DVD 1: Teaching

Rouhi Video
2 - Rouhi Belly Dance DVD 1:

4 - Rouhi Belly Dance DVD 2:
Private Lesson

3 - Rouhi Belly Dance DVD 2:
Introduction & Isolation

Welcome to Rouhi Dance Studio's Instructor Video Archive. Please take a moment and explore our DVD's presently available for purchase.

Rouhi Dance Studio: Belly Dance

World renowned Belly Dance Instructor, Rouhi Savoji opens her studio and offers a private lesson in the comfort of your home through this 2-disc instructional video. With over 2 hours of instruction, you will never outgrow this DVD as it is appropriate for a daily workout routine and also has drills so that you can continue to improve your dance. Check out excerpts of the video below.

Rouhi Dance Studio: Belly Dance DVD 1: Warm- Up

This warm up is one that should be employed daily as it is strategically organized to drill movements that you will need to know as a dancer. This section not only gives you a warm up / workout, but also teaches you and builds your stamina.

Rouhi Dance Studio: Belly Dance DVD 1

Work-Out: Rouhi Savoji teaches you various belly dance moves so that you will be confident in your ability whenever you opt to dance.

Rouhi Dance Studio: Belly Dance DVD 2: Introduction and Isolations

The art and beauty of Belly Dance, in part, is the display of the dancer’s ability to separate and isolate muscles and movement, and for the advanced dancer, adding layers to their dance. This is explained to the viewer in this section and describes tips to improve your dance.

Rouhi Dance Studio: Belly Dance DVD 2: Private Lesson

The second disc of this DVD is especially valuable, as you know; to learn a move incorrectly it can be very difficult to correct your movements. With the Private Lesson DVD you have the opportunity to learn the movements correctly from the start so that when you build upon your movements they are not only accurate, but precise and, moreover, correct. You will notice a difference!

Rouhi Dance Studio was featured on the local Channel 22 "Con Chile y Limon" on Thursday, April 22 at 2:30 p.m. PST.