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Belly Dance Classes at Rouhi Dance Studio

Belly dancing, traditionally danced barefoot is uniquely designed for the female body, with an emphasis on abdominal muscles, hip moves, and chest moves. It is firm and earthy, with bare feet connected to the ground. It is a dance characterized by smooth, flowing, complex, and sensual movements of the torso, alternated with shaking and shimmy type moves. Eastern dances are considered to be different because they are "muscle dances", as opposed to the European "step" dances. In traditional belly dancing the knee is never lifted higher than the hip, (not including ancient "phyrric" or leaping dances which were also considered fertility dances). Level changes do allow for dancing while sitting on the floor.

Do I need a costume?
You only need a costume if you want to perform.

Do belly dancers take off their clothes?
No they do not.

Do you have to show your belly?
No. Even when performing, many professional dancers keep their stomachs covered.

Don't you have to be young to do the movements?
Unlike ballet, belly dance movements are natural and not hard on your body. Most people feel that "life experience" actually makes a better belly dancer.

Is belly dancing difficult?
Sometimes. You discover new ways of moving your body. Some movements will be easy; others will be unusual and will require some practice and concentration to get used to. It becomes easier as you practice.

How much do dance lessons cost?
See our Dance Lessons Pricing Guide here.

How do I Sign up for dance lessons?
Use our Dance Class Enrollment Form here.

What can I expect from the Belly Dance as a Workout Class?

This is for all levels (beginner to advanced). You do not have to have prior knowledge or training in any other dance discipline as belly dance is quite different from most other forms of dance.  The classes involve more than just learning steps and hand movements and there is no particular order in which you will learn the steps.  Rouhi will determine how and when you are ready for new moves.  You will learn how to isolate the movements of your body, which results in graceful and fluid movements.

Classes are 2 hours in duration, with a break mid-way.  The first half hour is a fast warm-up session, followed by free dance (dancing following the instructor).  The second half of the class is usually a couple of free dances, followed by individual instruction according to your level.  Lessons emphasis focusing on isolated movements of individual parts of the body.  It is important to master one or two moves well, before moving to new steps.

The music will covers all types; traditional belly dancing music, tribal music and contemporary.

What do I wear?:

This is a workout.  Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement, something similar to what you might wear to a gym or yoga class. Barefeet or socks are recommended. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor.  The right clothes feel better when you’re doing the dance correctly

Those signing up for a belly dance session may borrow a scarf for the first class, and then purchase one at the Studio (or elsewhere).  The scarf is an essential part of learning the moves and seeing how your moves progess.

No food or drink will be allowed in the studio, except bottled water.

PAYMENT: Cash is preferred for single classes. Credit Cards and checks accepted.

CANCELLATIONS: All classes are ongoing, meeting every week (the Studio is not closed).
There is no need for reservations for a tryout class -- Drop-ins are welcome, just make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the class start time.

Belly dance training videos - part 2 and 4

Adult and Teenage Belly Dance Class Costs

4 weeks 1 class per week 8 hours $120 Full payment
4 weeks 2 classes per week 16 hours $224 Full payment
6 weeks 2 classes per week 24 hours $312 Full payment
12 weeks 2 classes per week 48 hours $480 Full payment
Or Two Payments of $270
20 weeks 1 class per week 40 hours $500 Full payment
Or Two Payments of $280
20 weeks 3 classes per week 120 hours $700 Full payment
Or Two Payments of $390
Tryout Class available at $20 per hour. The class is 2 (two) hours - $40

When you pay $40 for tryout and then decide to purchase a package, the $40 payment may be applied to your package. Or pay-per-class: $20/hr.

Private Dance Class Costs

1 Student

2 Students

3 or more Students

$55 per student
$250 per student
$470 per student

Dance Class Enrollment Form

Click here for Dance Class Enrollment FormDance Class Enrollment Form Instructions
Click Dance Class Enrollment Form and print the Form. Complete the form and FAX it to us at 818-705-9998.