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About Rouhi Dance Studio Instructors

Rouhi Savoji

Rouhi Savoji was born in Tehran, Iran. She spent her childhood and teenage years with her father and grandmother. Rouhi SavojiAt the age of 16 she entered a club for the first time in Tehran along with friends and family. Through sheer accident, her hidden and unknown talents were discovered when friends asked her to dance. The combination of her natural talent and lessons was the beginning of an amazing dance and acting career.

Although she started as a performer, Rouhi extended her talents into the fields of theater, cinema, television, and behind the scenes as assistant director. She also had the honor to perform for the late Shah of Iran amongst other dignitaries.

After the Iranian Revolution, Rouhi traveled throughout Europe as a professional performer.

In 1995, eager for a new experience,  she emigrated to the U.S. where she dreamed of bringing her unique form of movements to those who love what she does, dancing. Although, Rouhi stopped public performances, she now operates Rouhi Dance Studio in San Fernando Valley.  She currently teaches belly dancing, belly dance as a workout and Persian dance.  

Rouhi is widely known and respected as a discerning instructor and dancer, with appearances on the local Iranian television station and interviews with Iranian radio stations.