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Professional Dance Instruction - Rouhi Dance Studio

"Persian dance classes with Rouhi for kids and adults starting March 3, 2015 in Dubai"

Welcome to the exciting world of dancing! We are proud to offer the finest dance lessons in one of the most renowned dance studios in Los Angeles.

Belly Dance Classes, San Fernando Valley, Los AngelesAre you ready to improve your body's flexibility, stamina, gain a toned body and learn dancing techniques all at the same time? If your answer is 'yes', then you are at the right place!

All belly dancing classes and Persian dancing classes are instructed by Rouhi herself. A mistress of the art of belly dancing, Rouhi can show you how to stretch and move in a way you never imagined; her technique and attention to detail are flawless.

Rouhi, owner and instructor, invites you to try out a dance class prior to signing up.  She teaches belly dance classes for students, beginners and advanced and Persian dancing. Students will learn the basic techniques, posture, and body alignment of Middle Eastern dance.

Get in shape and have fun in all these high energy and creative dance classes. All levels welcome.

These dance classes offer an unbelievable workout, the beat of the music is contagious and the atmosphere relaxed. Rouhi Dance Studio located in Dubai.

Come join us as we shimmer, shimmy and sweat!

Belly Dancing Classes Los Angeles, Belly Dance Instruction, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles - Rouhi Dance Studio